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Odd Moms Club
Learning to thrive as the mom, and woman, you are!

Our Mission:

Happy Moms.

We empower moms to… ACCEPT who you are | MASTER your MINDSET | and THRIVE
all while staying true to the woman you are


Our Mission

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Here at Odd Moms Club, we are on a mission to propel your journey through motherhood from surviving to thriving!

Using our practical approach of ACCEPTING who you are, MASTERING your MINDSET, and THRIVING not just surviving, you will learn how to bring peace and joy to your life.

If you’ve ever felt like the “odd mom out”, like every other mother except you just adores motherhood, you’re in the right place.

You won’t find any “sanctimommies” here!

OMC is a safe, judgement free community where you can share real feelings, get support, and discover the kind of mom you were always meant to be!


Odd Moms Club isn’t your average support group. Nope! Here, you’ll find a team and community dedicated to one thing…

Tiffany | Founder, Odd Moms Club

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Who We Serve

We serve YOU. Plain and simple.

- We serve the mom struggling to keep her cool.

- We serve the mom who smiles in public but cries in private.

- We serve the mom who feels utterly alone.

We see you. We hear you! Hell, we are you!!

And we’re here to tell you…YOU ARE A GOOD MOM! There is nothing wrong with you. You may just need a little help to grow into the kind of mother you want to be.

And that’s where OMC comes in. We can help you get there. No matter where you currently are in your “mom journey”, we’re here to support you!

Read on to learn how you can get AMT’d (read: amped) for mom-life!


Get AMT’d

ACCEPT who you are


THRIVE, don’t just survive

It starts with ACCEPTANCE | What are your triggers? What do you hide from friends and family?
It’s time to name your shame! I know it sounds scary, and this is often the hardest part. But stick with us…we’ll work together to take that first step towards identifying those areas of your mom-life where you’d like to improve.

Next you’ll MASTER your MINDSET | Once you’ve gotten real with yourself about what or how you’d like to improve, you’ll learn to develop ways to slowly but surely alter your mindset so that your reactions aren’t ruled by your feelings. Practice, patience, persistence, and perseverance (the 4 P’s) are your friends in this phase. It may seem impossible, but we believe in you! Give yourself a healthy dose of grace…you got this girl!

Lastly, get ready to THRIVE | You’ve figured out what works, and you’re starting to see improvements. Your days are more joyful. Your reactions are tempered. Peace and contentment are becoming your new normal. Now, feed your soul. Find, and do, those things that fill you up. Because the more you feed yourself, the better your relationships with your kids will be.

First, feed yourself; then, foster your relationships - Tiffany | Founder, OMC

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I never felt like I fit in with other moms. They loved motherhood so much. But for me, joy as a mother didn’t come naturally or easily. I’ve had to work at it,
every single day.

Tiffany | Founder, Odd Moms Club

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